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What can be better than to craft your own fresh healthy cheese right at your kitchen?

Making cheese is a “grate whey” to transform milk protein & fat into a delicious culinary delight that is both delicious and long-lasting. You do not have to be a farmer or a chef to do it.

All you need is our convenient kit!

Craft-Your-Own (D.I.Y.) CHEESE KIT

Make your own natural cheese with flavors and textures that far outshine mass-produced supermarket fare. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cheese-maker, craft-your-own cheese with our Fresh, Italian, Artisan and Vegan Cheese kits. Our kits provide you with everything you need to make a variety of handcrafted cheese at home. All you need is fresh milk & some .


Support your Health. Boost your Gut. Make thick creamy yogurt with billions of good Probiotic bacteria and twice the protein of regular yogurt in your own kitchen. 

Spoon your way through the rich taste of Greek, Bulgarian or Icelandic Yogurt. 




For all aspiring home bakers fancying a crusty, crispy, chewy,
and delicious pizza, we bring to you, 00 type Italian Pizza Flour. 

 Bake with joy & pleasure! At the end of day, you are the BOSS of your own flour! 


When making a pizza, the dough is the canvas for your work of art. Our flour is super finely milled with high protein content, providing adequate ability to stretch and outstanding fermentation tolerance. Our specialty flour can be used for making Neapolitan as well as American style pizza. Moreover, it can be used to make hand-made fresh pasta and Foccacia.

Our dry active sourdough is 100 % natural that can be used in variety of breads to enhance flavor, texture and taste profile. Our starter helps you to bake artisan breads with ease and gives consistent quality each time. Produce traditional baked goods with a golden past!



Your only regret about going vegan would be not doing it sooner.


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