Miso Paste (Original Japanese), 100 g

Whether you bought ourĀ Vegan Cheese Kit & you are out of supplies or you are just craving for some nutty umami vegan substitute, try our superior Japanese quality Miso Paste.

The salty funkiness of the miso paste adds a complex, rich flavor to the dishes. It’s taste will grow upon you over time. Since miso is a fermented food, it is probiotic-rich and good for your gut.

199.00 Inclusive of all taxes


Our Miso Paste is a premium and original Japanese Miso paste. It is 100% vegan, gluten-free & GMO-free. It is made from specially selected soybeans, rice koji, water, and salt. It is a great vegan substitute for umami and nutty flavor. It is a fundamental ingredient while crafting sharp vegan cheeses like vegan-cheddar. Also, check out our Vegan Cheese Kit.

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