Tofu Coagulant, NIGARI, Bittern, Magnesium Salt, 5 individual sachets

Craft-Your-Own Authentic Tofu with Nigari

Our Tofu coagulant is a premium food grade ‘Nigari’. It is 100% vegan, gluten-free & GMO-free. While handcrafting traditional Japanese Tofu, Our tofu coagulant is a key ingredient. It makes the tofu much softer and gives a much smoother texture than any other coagulant.

Using this pack, you can create up to 3 kilograms of firm tofu.


299.00 Inclusive of all taxes


The “Firm Tofu Coagulant” contains 5 sachets of Nigari. Each sachet can be used to craft rich, creamy, and delicious tofu from 2 liters of soy milk. We provide you with detailed instructions with the product. Additionally, if you are stuck somewhere, we are always available to help. You can get in touch with our customer support at or WhatsApp us at +919910211559.

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1 review for Tofu Coagulant, NIGARI, Bittern, Magnesium Salt, 5 individual sachets


    Authentic Japanese TOFU in India !!

    I’m a Japanese, living for long years in India.

    I don’t know about the big cities like Dehli or Mumbai, where many Japanese lives, but in a small city like where I live, TOFU is impossible to get.

    At supermarkets and malls, I could find only something different, named “TOFU”.

    Yes, their products use soybeans instead of dairy, it is right, but the taste and especially texture are totally different from our authentic TOFU.Their products are very similar with PANEER.

    I was very disappointed and I have given up eating our soul food for many years.

    But !!
    This time I met this “Alla’s Posh Flavors”.

    I was very surprised, because they provides “Nigari” ,”Tofu coagulant” ,”Silken Tofu coagulant”, which are usually used for authentic Tofu making in Japan.

    I never thought I can get them in India.
    And if I can get just some soybeans , I can make my soul food in India….

    I couldn’t believe it well, but after I tryed to cook , I found it really works !!!

    In Japan, usually we buy TOFU at shops, making TOFU in home is not so ordinarily. So I have only small experience to make TOFU.

    But “Alla’s Posh Flavors” gave me not only coagulants but also detailed recipes.

    Also, if I had some problems or queries, they responsed very quickly and very much kindly on email and whatsapp.

    I , Japanese, was learned our authentic TOFU making from Indian !! 🙂

    Yes, I can tell you, if you have enthusiasm to cook, they response you more enthusiastic.

    Now I can make and eat my soul food everyday.
    I ‘m very satisfy to eat our authentic TOFU.
    Thank you “Alla’s Posh Flavors”!!

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