Gouda Culture, 5 convenient packs

Craft Your Own Gouda Cheese at Home

Whether you bought our Artisan Cheese Kit & you are out of supplies or you just need to make some delicious Gouda on your own, try our superior quality and high strength Gouda culture.

Our Gouda culture is a special strain of freeze-dried culture, specifically blended to create a delicious, buttery, and creamy Gouda cheese.

With cheese making, it can get really difficult for a home cheesemaker to get the required ingredients in small quantities. Bearing this in mind, our gouda culture is available in small sachets which can be easily used at home. With this pack, you can craft up to 2.5 Kg. of Gouda cheese.

399.00 Inclusive of all taxes


The “Gouda Starter Culture” contains 5 convenient packets of starter culture. Each packet can be used to make Gouda from 4 liters of milk. You can combine it with our high strength vegetarian rennet to craft a beautiful wheel of Gouda. Additionally, if you are stuck somewhere, we are always available to help. You can get in touch with our customer support at or WhatsApp us at +919910211559.

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